The Government of Uganda introduced an online visa/permit application system with effect from 1st July 2016. The Uganda Electronic Visa/Permit Application System performs checks against law enforcement databases. 

All persons from non-visa-exempt countries intending to travel to Uganda for holiday, tourism, business, study, visit, and/or medical are required to apply and obtain a visa online.

Applications should be filled here

  1. Choose: the application type (Visa or Permit), category (Ordinary, Multiple-Entry, Diplomatic and Official, Transit, East Africa Tourist Visa), and subcategory (single-entry, multiple-entry for 6 months)
  2. Fill the electronic form
  3. Add documents (Copy of recent passport size photograph, Copy of passport bio-data page, Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate, Recommendation letter, Police clearance, etc.)
  4. Submit

Once the application is submitted it will be studied by an Immigration Officer.

Please note that during the approval process additional information may be required.

The new required information can be submitted electronically here.

Travel authorization

  • Upon submission, the applicant will receive a notification with an application number which he/she can use to track the application.
  • The decision taken on the application will be sent electronically through the email provided by the applicant.
  • If approved, an approval letter will be sent as an attachment to the email provided. This letter serves as a Travel authorization.
  • Print it out and present it together with a valid passport /travel document of not less than 6 months' validity at the port of entry.
  • This travel authorization does not guarantee entry into Uganda. Travellers will be subjected to secondary verification where necessary before a visa can be placed in the passport.
  • Information about documents required in the online visa application can be found here.

Application timeline

  1. All visas, permits and passes are approved within two (2) to three (3) working days, except in special circumstances where more documents and/or verification may be required.
  2. However, applicants are advised to apply at least five (5) working days before their intended date of travel.
  3. Applicants are advised to only submit their application in a period that falls within 3 months of their departure from Uganda. The validity of an approved E-Visa is three months starting from the issue date.


Services available on the e-visa portal:

  1. All Types of visas
  2. Entry Permits / Work Permits
  3. Students Pass
  4. Dependant's Pass (If the principal's work Permit was obtained electronically)
  5. Citizenship
  6. Certificate of Residence
  7. Special Pass

Types of visas

1. Visas to Uganda: Single entry visas for a maximum duration of 3 months and multiple entry visas. Any extensions of this period, can be applied for at the Immigration

Office in Kampala.

2. EAC Visas: The East Africa Tourist Visa allows travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with the same multiple entry visa. This visa is the result of a joint initiative made by the Heads of States of the respective partner countries to boost regional travel and create opportunities for tourists to explore the diversity of East Africa. Travelers from any country can obtain a multiple entry visa that will allow entry to the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda, and the Republic of Uganda for tourism over period of 90 days. Please note that this visa does NOT grant entry into the United Republic of Tanzania, Burundi or South Sudan.

Information and eligibility

  • Eligible Person: Tourist, no restrictions on country of origin
  • Dependents: All persons must apply in their own right.
  • Travel Documents: All tourists must have an official and genuine international passport, valid for not less than 6 months from the time of visa application.
  • Visa Fees: 100 USD per visa
  • Validity of Visa: 90 days
  • Single or Multiple Entry: Multiple entry to all three countries
  • Work or no Work: Work is not permitted on a vistor /tourist visa
  • Visa Extension: An East Africa Tourist Visa cannot be extended.
  • Country of Entry: The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa must enter the region from the country that issued the visa and move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or paying another visa fee.
  • Movement of persons: The holder shall also be allowed to move out of the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda, and the Republic of Uganda and return without having to pay for another visa. This will only be applicable for the validity period of the visa (90 days from visa approval).

Payment for Visas

All applications and payment must be made online here.

Please note that there will be no refunds made for payments made into the embassy bank account.

Requirements for obtaining a Uganda visa when traveling on government business

For non-Saudi Arabia nationals traveling on official Government business to Uganda;

  • A Note Verbale from their respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Diplomatic Mission accredited to Burundi, clearly stating the details of the traveling official, purpose of travel, host institution and period of stay in Uganda.
  • There is no processing fee for this category of visa.
  • Applications without the above supporting documents will not be processed


  • The Consular Section at the Uganda Embassy is open to applicants for the assistance in their visa application, Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm only (except on Public Holidays in Uganda and the German).
  • Alternatively, an applicant can seek assistance on their applciation via email at
  • Please provide the application number, copy of passport for easier assistance in application.