Ugandan Register

Ugandan Diaspora Register


All Ugandan nationals living abroad who hold Ugandan Passports are mandated to register their presence with the nearest available Uganda Embassy. Ugandan Citizens and Ugandan Diaspora visiting or residing in the United States, South and Central America and the Caribbean are encouraged to register with Uganda Embassy Berlin Garman. Please note that each member of a household must be registered separately. This includes minors.  



  1. Registration will make your presence and whereabouts known in case it is necessary to contact you in an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest or family emergency.
  2. Receive important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in your destination country, helping you make informed decisions about your travel plans.
  3. Help family and friends in Uganda get in touch with you in an emergency. 
  4. We need to regularly update our citizens with up-to-date information from Uganda or at the Embassy.
  5. We need to reunite lost and found documents with their owners. Some of these documents have been returned to us by authorities after failing to trace their owners. Once delivered to us, they could easily be returned to the owners or next-of-kin, if we have the necessary information on record.
  6. It is a basis for us to certify your Ugandan citizenship in the event of loss of ID and provide you with a letter stating as much. This is a requirement by the local Police when filing a lost document case.
  7. Kindly make use of the following online portal to register details concerning yourself and each member of your family who holds Ugandan Citizenship.

The Embassy will only contact you using whatever information you choose to avail to us. We shall neither share nor sell your information to third parties.

 Together with the right to hold a Ugandan Passport comes the responsibility to notify the nearest Consular Representation of your whereabouts. ( Pg. 48 of the Passport of the Republic of Uganda ). Among the benefits to us when you register your presence is:

1. To enable effective communication with our nationals for participation in official celebrations, Townhall meetings, developmental activities and publicizing of new services by the Embassy.

2. To improve our Community's Participation in Economic, Cultural and Social galas in our area of accreditation, like the Africa Day, Business Symposia, Expos, Tourism exhibitions and Africa Travel Association Events to show-case Uganda.

3. Ugandan Product Promotion in our area of accreditation with various upcoming companies

We encourage you to share information with us about your areas of specialization. Uganda has a wealth of investment prospects, especially in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, Manufacturing and IT. However, there are several unexplored areas that support any growing economy and many of our diaspora are engaged in these or related activities. We believe that our diaspora are "Agents for Development" and would like to know more about your professions or areas of specialization to explore potential public-private partnerships that are relevant to the developmental needs of Uganda today. By sharing your information with us, you will enable us to:

1. Partner with you to build a stronger, more relevant better coordinated policy commitment towards collaboration with the Uganda diaspora.

2. Improve networks by identifying potential investors for public-private partnerships in various sectors including the health, education and the Tourism and Hospitality sectors, in the construction sector with Parastatals like National Housing and Construction Corporation, Housing Finance Bank to invest in Real Estate Development.

3. We would like to periodically arrange for Town-Hall dialogues on public policy matters affecting our nationals including how we can partner together with our host country for the implementation of Uganda Vision 2040