The Uganda Embassy wishes to announce that the Republic of Uganda is set to introduce an International East African e-Passport to replace and eventually phase out the current East African and International Machine-Readable Passports and would like to inform as follows:


1. The new e-Passport will be presented in the following colours: Slay Blue (Ordinary Passport), Green (Service Passport) and Red (Diplomatic Passport).


2. Distinct features:  The new International EAC e-passport will be a physical passport like the current ones but will be embedded with a secure electronic chip that will contain more details including a bio data page that will have special security features. The new passport will also have more security features like the Coat of Arms, the Crested Crane, the Mountain Gorilla, the Independence Monument, Murchison Falls and the fishing man.


3. How it works: The new passport will ease clearance at the entry/exit points. It will facilitate use of e-gates for self-clearance, automated issuance of Boarding Passes, and quicker processing across airports worldwide where e-passport reader equipment is installed.


4. The e-passport is expected to comply with guidelines set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, making it acceptable around the world.


5. The phase out of the current Passports shall be as follows:

i. Government of Uganda has designated a two-year transitional period to allow for a gradual phase out of the current passport.

ii. During the transitional period all citizens with valid Machine Readable Passports will continue to use them for international travel until January 2021.


6. All passports will be printed in Kampala by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration until new machinery to print the new passports is installed in some Missions (Embassies/High Commissions). The Uganda Embassy in Berlin is currently not in position to collect passport applications. You will be advised when this will be possible.


Applicants may therefore, at their own expense, send their applications to the Passport Control Office, Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, Kampala for processing. However, they need to obtain forwarding letters from their closest Ugandan Embassy/High Commission.



Following the completion of integration of online applications and URA with the e-Passport System (IMAGO), the Directorate of Citizenship & Immigration Control has issued the following guidelines to help Ugandan living abroad and the Missions/Embassies process online applications.


What is required of the Applicant?


1. Navigate to the passport portal:

2. Click the Start New Application link to start a new application.

3. Accept the terms and conditions displayed in the Disclaimer.

4. Answer simple security questions.

5. Complete the passport application form.

6. Print the Passport Application Payment Advice Form.

7. Make payment for the selected type of passport using the selected payment method.

8. Schedule an appointment with the nearest Mission/Embassy for face-to-face interviews.


For  an Appointment for face-to-face interviews, contact:


Uganda Embassy 

Axel-Springer-Strasse 54a

10117 BERLIN


Tel: +49 (0) 302060990 (Between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm)




What is required of the Mission Staff?


1. The Immigration/Consular Officer conducts the interview and records or documents the results on the Passport Interview Record Form.

2. The Passport Interview Record Form is signed by the applicant and the interviewing officer.


Applicants without National Identity Cards:


Government is aware that a number of Ugandans in the diaspora have not yet acquired National ID cards due to geographical challenges. Therefore, an applicant who has not yet acquired a National ID will not be required to provide his/her National Identification card.


The applicant will, however, be required to schedule an appointment with our Embassy in Berlin for a face-to-face interview so as to enable the Consular Officer ascertain the applicant's nationality. The applicant MUST also bring along a copy of a Recommender's National ID when coming for the face-to-face interview at the Embassy.


Passport application fees


1. The fees for the International East African e-Passport shall be as follows: 

� Ordinary passport (48 Pages) - UGX 250,000

� Service Passport (64 Pages) - UGX 400,000

� Diplomatic Passport (64 Pages) - UGX 500,000

� Express Processing Service - UGX 150,000

� Courier Service for Applicants Abroad - UGX 10,000

� Certification of Passport - UGX 30,000

� Fine for Replacement of lost or damaged Passport - UGX 100,000


Documents Sent to Passport Control Officer:


1. The Applicant attaches the following documents to the Passport Interview Record Form for onward transmission to the Passport Control Officer:

� Copy of National Identity Card or NIRA confirmation letter. (Those without National IDs see previous sub-heading above)

� Copy of Bio data page and File No page (page 45) of the current passport.

� Copy of Police Report or Sworn in Affidavit for lost passport.

� Copy of Marriage Certificate for change of name due to marriage.

� Deed poll and gazette for change of name.

� Citizenship certificate where applicable.

� 2 passport photos. One must be stamped by the interviewing officer as indicated on the Passport Interview Record Form.

� Proof of profession.

� Copy of Recommender's National ID who is not a Mission staff.


2. The Applicant meets the cost of sending the above documents by courier to:


The Director,

Directorate of Citizenship & Immigration Control,

Ministry of Internal Affairs,

Plot 67, Old Port Bell Road,

P. O. Box 7161,



Attn. Passport Control Officer


What happens at the Passport Control Office?


1. The Enrollment Officer enrolls and scans the Passport Interview Record Form and the other relevant attachments for passport processing.

2. The new Passport is dispatched by Courier to the respective Mission/Embassy from where the applicant can arrange for pick up or delivery.





1. Fully completed Form G. Incomplete forms may cause delay to the travel document application process. (Applicant may omit Local council endorsements)

2. Two (2) identical passport size photographs. Must be coloured and show all facial features and both ears. The photographs must have a clean white background. Applicants are advised NOT to take their photos in a photo booth.

3. Formal written request for an Emergency Travel Document including one contact in Uganda. 

4. Letter from the German immigration authorities clearing you to leave the country voluntarily.

5. Fee of Euro 30.00 to be paid directly to the Embassy Account shown below and a slip sent to this Embassy.


Account Holder: Uganda Embassy Berlin

Account Number: 268188 001

Commerzbank BLZ 1004 0000

IBAN: DE45 1004 0000 0268188 001






i) An Emergency Travel Document is a one-way travel document to Uganda and it can only be issued after exhaustive inquiries have been made. Passports reported lost will be declared null and void.


ii) Application for an Emergency Travel Document for Minors (under 16) must be accompanied by:#


(a) Written consent from parents;

(b) Passport of the parents;

(c) Original Birth Certificate;

(d) One passport photograph of both parents.


iii) An Emergency Travel Document is valid for seven (7) days from date of issue.


Don't book travel until you have a valid travel document - doing so is at your own risk.


NB: If you withdraw your application for whatever reason, the fee is not refundable.

Form G can be accessed online using the following link: