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Wednesday, 12th April 2017
Eng. Forster Edwards shows Amb. Tibaleka how the solar energy equipment operates
Amb. Marcel Tibaleka, on 11th April 2017, met with Eng. Forster Edwards from the German African Climate Change Integration Technology Institute (WECASS) to discuss ways of offering innovative solutions to affordable off-grid solar energy in rural areas of Uganda. WECASS hopes to also take advantage of Uganda's strategic location in the region to set up its base in Uganda and gradually export to the neighbouring countries.

Amb. Tibaleka said he was interested in sourcing for renewable energy technologies that generate electrical power on-site through the use of solar, wind and geothermal energies and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission in the air. He added that though solar electric lights and solar home systems are becoming readily available, some of the products on the market back home were not as reliable as those from Germany. He encouraged WECASS not only to introduce affordable products but also offer after sales service.

Eng. Edwards assured his host that Germany-technology-designed solar systems are sustainable under African conditions. He said that renewable energy development can be very significant for the people living in remote rural areas. Many agricultural machinery and farm equipment like irrigation pumps, incubators, cold storage and driers can now be operated using reliable solar energy. Local hospitals that require most of their drugs like vaccines to be kept in a refrigerator would find such solar systems very ideal. He said that among their popular range of products was the solar street lights with hidden security cameras that provide security for one's home or workplace. 

Eng. Edwards informed the Ambassador that WECASS had the patent for its renewable energy products and would therefore assemble durable and affordable products at their Uganda Centre. This would not only reduce production costs but create jobs for the local people. The Centre will be equipped to remotely monitor their customers' solar systems and even offer a quick response to any fault detection. He said that WECASS would introduce mobile phone payments so as to eliminate the collection costs.

Source: Uganda Embassy, Berlin