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Tuesday, 16th June 2020
Mt. Rwenzori (Photo credit:
Do you plan to inject some excitement into your life especially after the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines?

If you are looking for a lifetime adventure, you don't have to look far. We suggest you plan for a hiking trip up Mount Rwenzori in Western Uganda.

Mt. Rwenzori is exquisite and has a celebrated beauty. Shrouded almost perpetually in mist, it has a seducing, eerie quality that has led to many wondrous tales about it through the ages. Reaching an elevation of 5,109m, Mount Rwenzori has been rated by hikers as the most challenging of all African mountains.

The 120km Rwenzori chain, regarded to be the legendary snow-capped Mountains of the Moon, were forced up during the creation of the Great Rift Valley. The distinctive glacial peaks are visible for miles around, but the slopes above 1,600m are the preserve of hikers. The highest mountain in the range, Mount Stanley, can only be reached by experienced trekkers. Its peak, Margherita, is the third highest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

You can do the central circuit in just seven days. The tour company arranging your trip should be in position to recommend guides that are trained in ice climbing and rescue and who can guide you up the mountain. However, you must also be prepared to learn on the way up and be able to fit your own crampons and at least tie basic knots and make use of ascenders and figure 8s. Knowledge of how to use an ice axe is advisable with ice sections of 60% steepness.

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Source: Public Diplomacy Desk, Uganda Embassy, Berlin