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Wednesday, 13th March 2019
Ronald Mutebi and members of the Afroberliner ENT. Group serving the Ugandan Rolex at ITB Berlin
The Uganda Embassy has commended a group of Ugandans, living in Germany under the umbrella of Afroberliner ENT. Group, who showcased Uganda's untapped tourism potential by featuring the Ugandan Rolex at the just concluded ITB Berlin.

Afroberliner ENT. was promoting culinary tourism as a travel product option on top of the usual travel products marketed by Uganda.

Mr. Ronald Mutebi, the brain behind the venture, said that he believes in the exploration of food as one of the purposes of tourism and wished all visitors to Uganda could experience this vital component of Uganda's tourism. He added that food is believed to rank alongside climate, accommodation, and scenery in importance to tourists. Food and delicacies of any place are among the major factors most tourists consider before choosing to travel to any destination.

The delicious Ugandan Rolex Deluxe that was featured is made of soft-layered chapattis that are stuffed with avocado, eggs, sweet onions, cabbage, fresh tomatoes, green paprika, salted curry powder, white pepper and finely-hacked Coriander.

Mr. Mutebi revealed that the Ugandan Rolex Deluxe will be served at this year's Carnival of Cultures in Berlin that is scheduled to run from 7th to 10th June 2019 and called upon the Embassy to partner with him to showcase Uganda. Every year in spring, the Carnival of Cultures celebrates cultural diversity in Berlin. Costumes, dance, music, rituals - the carnival is a great opportunity for members of Berlin's ethnic groups to make their cultures visible and for everybody else to see and celebrate cultural diversity. The festival culminates in a colourful street parade with music and dance on Pentecost Sunday.

Source: Uganda Embassy, Berlin