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Thursday, 12th July 2018
Ms Beatrice Akello Hofmann at the launch of 'The Perfect Migrant' book which she co-authored.
A book titled "The Perfect Migrant: How to Achieve a Successful Life in Diaspora" co-authored by eleven different writers, was officially launched at the first International Speakers, Authors and Artists Conference held on June 23, 2018, at the Marriot Hotel, Cologne, Germany. The book is one of many published by the award-winning UK-based Zambian publisher and author, Amina Chitembo, the founder of Diverse Cultures Publishing, the only African owned UK based publishing company seeking to get the voices of Africans, especially those in the diaspora heard and documented.

The book is an anthology that brings together exciting stories from people from different backgrounds who have migrated from their countries of birth to seek a different life in another country. Ugandan-born Beatrice Akello Hofmann is one of eleven authors in the book who share different angles to the life of a migrant. In her chapter, Ms Hofmann talks about 'Learning Each Step of the Way,' in which she tells of her life in Germany. 

Ms Hofmann, in her speech at the launch, gave tips on how to identify opportunities and benefit from them. She said she had defied the challenges facing migrant authors in finding publishers for their hard creative works and that working with Diverse Cultures Publishing had made it easy for her and other authors to keep their authenticity, the richness of language and original writings which can now be shared globally.

The event ended with a signing session for each contributor since every participant in the conference was given a free copy of the captivating book.

Ms Hofmann will be launching her second book, "Leading: How to be your own Boss" at the next conference in Peterborough, UK, in July 2019.

(Photo: Courtesy of Ms Beatrice Akello Hofmann)

Source: Uganda Embassy, Berlin