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Wednesday, 5th April 2017
Amb. Marcel Tibaleka (2nd Left) speaking at the Poland-Africa Business Forum
H.E. Marcel Tibaleka, Uganda's Ambassador to Germany has called upon Polish entrepreneurs to move out of their comfort zones in Europe and consider investing in Africa where one can make super profits. He said it was wrong for people to continue talking about Africa as one homogeneous area and yet the continent comprises 54 distinctly different nations with their own trade and investment frameworks.

Amb. Tibaleka made these remarks while attending the Poland-Africa Business Forum that took place from 30th to 31st March 2017 at the Crown Plaza, Warsaw, Poland. 

He pointed out Uganda's unique location at the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa within the East African region and astride the Equator. He said Uganda was a "land-linked country" with a strategic commanding base to be a regional hub for trade and investment. Uganda already enjoys pivotal trade partnerships that create a viable market for business.

Amb. Tibaleka, who was a Special Guest Speaker alongside H.E. Bwalya Stanley Kasonde Chiti, Zambia's Ambassador and Mr. Christopher Hugo Mvula, Minister Plenipotentiary from the Tanzanian Embassy, made an overview of the business climate in Uganda, a summary of market conditions, key demand drivers, plus a snapshot of investment opportunities.

The Poland-Africa Business Forum whose theme was "Expanding Business Opportunities via Trade Collaborations and Partnerships: The Road into Africa's Market" featured prominent companies, business men and women from Poland and Africa; bankers, investors, manufacturers, small and big scale entrepreneurs, as well as high-level decision-makers from the government of Poland and Africa. 

The forum provides veritable opportunities to help Polish and African companies as they develop healthy business relationship and provides a platform to promote their activities in Africa and Poland and vice visa.

Source: Uganda Embassy, Berlin